Site area:6326㎡

Building area:3745㎡

Total floor area:4770㎡

Structure:part steel frame

                +part reinforced concrete +3

The culture hall makes a fluid public space at an upper level by an internalized "raised floor ".

On this raised floor, the view goes through because of a glass and line of pillars raised from the floor up to 2.4 m, and there is no thing that interferes this view. We designed the hall of various sizes dug there in order to be able to overlook from the raised floor. It utilizes a thermal energy of the underground by being half embedded. The hall of each sunken courtyard has a different atmosphere by changed material and color of walls and a floor. On the top, a house-shape white ceiling folds with big air volume. It is a culture hall with 500 seats characterized by this ceiling. In this hall, we decided space by optimizing sound environment through folding ceiling which was in the shape of the origami called a Miura-ori.

We made a program how reflect sound that it was emitted from a sound source and reflected on a ceiling to the seat homogeneously.  We arrived for the most suitable solution through parametric design from various folded shapes, depth and from more than 100 case studies. The shape that was finally decided for the hall is origami called a Miura-ori.

Hirokazu Suemitsu +Yoko Suemitsu / SUEP.

(C) SUEP. All rights reserved

Concert hall , Arena

Ureshino Culutural Center / 2014